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Tips for Selling Your Home in Mission So You Can Travel the USA

Lonely Planet - USA

Most people prefer to settle in one location and to build a luxurious little nest in which they can live and eventually retire.  But this form of life isn’t for everyone. Buying a house and being stuck with an expensive mortgage just isn’t for everyone. There are some people who just cannot be stuck in the same spot for too long.  They grow aggravated and depressed because they constantly crave adventure, new challenges, and new horizons.  If you are one of these traveling enthusiasts then it is time to stop wasting your life and your dreams.  Get up and sell your homes so you can travel the USA and work in a different country as often as you like without having to worry about what is left behind.  Here are some superb to get your home in Mission sold quickly.

Use a good real-estate company

Real estate Mission BC like Bob McLean will probably get your home sold a lot quicker and a lot easier than you can ever do it yourself.  This is because they have a lot of online customers that regularly scout their listings for the latest available properties.  They also advertise extensively which boosts the number of views your home listing gets.  Using a real estate company makes everything from the paperwork to the home screenings so much easier and the chances of getting a much higher value for your property is much higher when you use a professional realtor.

Clean up and organize your home

Before you take or allow the real estate agent to take any photographs of your home you should do a bit of spring cleaning.  People are visually inspired and you boost your chances of getting a quick home sale a lot when your home looks clean and comfortable to live in.

Consider a pro videographer

Instead of just displaying average photographs of your home why don’t you go beyond and create a video presentation of the home.  Viewers can get a realistic look inside and around your home and you will boost the chances of getting a quicker sale because online shoppers have a higher preference to videos tan photos and they can get a much better idea of what your home really looks like where photos often don’t do your home justice.

Plan your adventuristic journey in the meantime

While you are waiting to be rid of your mortgage obligations and to get some cash for your home you can start planning your journey through the USA.  Apply for jobs in the country and plan your journey around these job opportunities. Contracting is a superb solution for those that hate to be stuck in the same spot for too long because you are constantly moving from one company to another and from one city to the next.

Once your home is sold, you can start living your new life.  Have fun while exploring new places and while meeting new people.…

The Best Bass Fishing Techniques

Fishing is not only a hobby for many people, but it is also one of the biggest sources of healthy meats. Fish meat is white and high in protein, making it one of the preferred meats in most countries, although in some places, it could be costly. In this article, we would like to discuss fishing, mainly focusing on the best bass fishing techniques. This way, the next time that you’re out fishing for bass, you’ll have an idea of how to succeed better.


Pitching and flipping are two techniques that can be used to catch those elusive bass, although pitching is the easier one, although not as precise as flipping. The line that you let out should be even with the reel, and the reel should be kept open. It involves swinging the reel away from yourself, towards the target, and the reel should be closed as soon as you pitch because bass are very fast.


Flipping is a little harder than pitching, but with practice, it becomes a walk in the park. One can let out at least 8 to 15 feet of line, close the reel, and then with a pendulum motion, swing the bait to the location where the bass is.


Topwater refers to top water bait, whereby the fish comes for the fish at the top as you watch and prepare for the strike. This usually targets hungry fish, and it attracts with noise and dramatic movements. The baits include poppers, jitterbugs and frogs.

There are other fishing techniques such as crankbait and drop shotting, but we will look at those another day.

Everything You Should Know About Purchasing a Fishing Reel

In order for you to fish, you’re going to need a fishing reel, and that is what brings us to our next topic. This is a guide to fishing reels that will help you out when you go shopping for one. There are a number of types of reels that we will mention, and also explain how to spool a spinning reel.

Types of Fishing Reels

  • Spinning Reel (fixed spool reel)
  • Spincasting Reel
  • Baitcasting Reels
  • The Fly Reel
  • Centerpin Reel
  • Underspin Reel
  • Anti-Reverse Reel

How to Spool a Spinning Reel

When spooling a spinning reel, the size of the line should be proportional to the size of the reel. Spinning reels are different from bait casting reels because spinning reels have lighter lines. Look at some of the tips of spooling spinning reels below:

  • Watch how the reel bail turns.
  • Turn the handle as if you were reeling in a fish.
  • Watch how the line is wound around your filler spool.
  • Tie the end of your reel spool using arbor knot or an uni-knot.
  • Start reeling the line to your spool, adding the new line to the reel. Passing the line between the fingers can increase the tension.
  • Monitor the line for twisting after a few rotations.
  • Continue filling the spool within 1/8 of an inch from the rim. The reel could come with a mark on the spool showing when it fills to the right level.
  • Under-filling the reel will mean shorter casts, while over-filling could absorb water to slip past the flange and cause backlash when casting. Cut the line off the filler spool when filled.


I guess that you’re now looking forward to your next bass fishing trip. Armed with the tips mentioned above and the right reel, you’re sure to find some luck with a little experience.…

Things Us Bikers Should Have Handy at all Times

Before acquiring anything as your hobby, you should have the expertise of all the equipment that is necessary for your safety and comfort. If you are a biker, you must keep your safety foremost as the rate of accidents has raised by 14 percent in the past decade.

It is a known fact that the cost of biking gear is almost equal to the price of your bike if not higher, but this gear is a life-long investment and stays with you. Therefore, investing that much for a long period is not a problem.

You do not have to buy all the gear at once and spend thousands of dollars rather you can save up and buy the required gear slowly with time.

The must-haves for bikers are:

Shoulder and elbow armor:

Most of the biking jackets include shoulder and elbow armor, nevertheless, the jackets are quite expensive as compared to the armor.

Another thing is that the gear installed in the jackets embrace low quality and is not crash-rated so it is better that you invest in proper cash rated and safety certified shoulder and elbow armor.

Knee Armor:

Similar to shoulder and elbow armor the gear installed in biking pants is not crash rated and safety certified. Therefore, it is better you get a department of transportation and safety certified knee armor.


You might have noticed that once you fall your instincts are to put your hands on the ground first. That is why protecting your hands is imperative. If you fall on the ground while riding a bike, this can cause snapping of wrists and fingers, so it is important to get the best biking gloves that have low friction material on the palms and armor for wrists and fingers.


Riding your bike even if it is a 70cc without protecting your head is the most reckless thing. You should always have a helmet on your head even if there is no law in your state that tells you so. It is the basics of riding a bike.

Before getting a helmet, you should measure your head carefully as if you get a helmet that is either tight or loses; it can cause problems for you later on. Here we have reviewed three of the best helmets present in the market.

  • Arai RX-Q:

This all-rounder helmet is comfortable and can accommodate people who wear glasses as well. It has great ventilation and is durable. High-quality material is used in the production of this helmet. The US Department of transportation also recognizes it. Another plus point of this product is it is equipped with quick release system. If the rider gets into an accident, this helmet can be removed easily without causing more problems and injuries.

This is the best, high-quality mid-range helmet at a price of $600, which is very convenient as it is comparable to helmets made by AGV and Bell.

  • BILT techno:

This helmet by BILT comes under the best Bluetooth helmet. Fixing a Bluetooth headset can be quite uncomfortable. Usually, helmets with this kind of tech equipment are quite expensive, but this one by BILT is one-third the price of it.

BILT techno helmet has speakers, controls, and mike inside of it. Although it does not have other functionalities, it is perfect for the price range. Moreover, it has the safety certificate hence; it is a good bargain.

  • 1Storm Modular:

This helmet comes in a variety of colors. It is approved by the US Department of transportation and has a light thermoplastic alloy shell, dual visors, and a flip face. The helmet is equipped with vents near the top, rear exhausts, and removable padding.

Some of the customers have reviews that the size of helmet is bigger than what it looks in the pictures. That is why make sure you take a look at the measurements. The price of this product is also very reasonable.

If you think, you want to review other helmets in the same price range, check out the reviews on bikers basics website.


Your feet and legs are at a greater risk of damage during an accident. To prevent that go for armored boots that are specifically made for biking. You can get boots in almost all ranges of prices and quality. Go for something that can take rough use and damage.…

Four Things Folks Do Differently While Traveling

Traveling is fun for all. Everybody likes going to new places, doing new things, and visiting new people. It is a joy in life that people often take for granted. Not everyone is as lucky as you to be able to visit countries you have only seen on the map. While it is true that traveling is a blessing, you need to know you have to change various things you do while traveling. You need to change your usual ways and that can be very difficult to do.

Here are four things you do differently while traveling:

  1. No ironing

Ironing clothes is a big hassle for most of us but we do it because crumpled up clothes just look very bad. However, when you are traveling, you usually do not have the space to keep a cloth iron with you. You have to do with what you get in the hotels you are staying. In most hotels, you get a garment steamer. A garment steamer is an excellent alternative for an iron of clothes. The best thing about this equipment is that you do not need an iron board with it. To see more types of garment streamers you should research on them. There are various different brands, which produce clothes streamers. As a traveler, you should know which streamer is good for your clothes and which is not. When you use one in the hotels, you should be careful as to not damage your clothes. If you are looking to buy a garment streamer, go for one which can be used on all cloth types.

  1. Always carrying your bag with you

Numerous of you are not in the habit of carrying a bag with you when you are at home or when you are going out with friends. It is true that carrying a bag is an extra burden and you try to avoid it whenever you can. However, when you are traveling you have to keep a bag with you at all times. This bag should be properly closed.

In addition, you must keep your passport with you at all times. Other essentials to keep are money, your cell phone, a pack of gum, and your hotel keycard. Buy a bag that you can strap on your shoulder sideways so your shoulder does not hurt. Do not get a bag which you have to hold in your hand every time.

  1. Use public transport

Using public transport while traveling is something everyone has to do. To save yourself a lot of money, this is necessary. You might not feel comfortable using public transportation when at home, but while traveling you do not have a choice. Using public transportation can be a very good way of getting to know the people of the place you are staying. Understanding the social norms and the culture of the local people is a part of the complete traveling experience.

  1. Shop at local markets

If you are a person who likes to shop at branded places and not at local places or markets, traveling will be a completely new experience for you. For the reason that when you travel to a new place, you need to shop at the local markets and not at the branded places. These local markets have souvenirs and memorable things you should buy for yourself and for your loved ones back at home. You can keep these items in your collection and whenever you look back at them, they will remind you of the best travel experience you had.…

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