Different Ways to Make Money with Your Small Property in the USA

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Property is one of the most valuable assets that you can own.  Even the smallest piece of property can become profitable in some way if you just have the right idea for your property.

Rent your property to a tower lease company

Cellular and wireless internet companies are frequently expanding and upgrading their services and are constantly looking for property on which they can add a cell or wireless tower.  You can contact cell and internet companies in your region and offer your property for leasing purposes.  TowerLeases.com is a terrific company that specializes in lease negotiations and can help you with various aspects of your property leasing such as; cell tower lease buyouts, negotiations, consultation services and much more.  With the help of this company you can bet that you will get the maximum income for the small tower space on your property and these lease experts will ensure that your rights will be protected for ongoing leases.

Different Ways to Make Money with Your Small Property in the USA

Different Ways to Make Money with Your Small Property in the USA

Construct a building for rental purposes

Building a home, workshop or business premises on the property is always a great idea because it increases your property value and gives you a way to earn a steady income from the property for the rest of your life when you lease the property to businesses or residents.

Start a business on your property

There are a lot of businesses that you can start on a small piece of property.  Companies like flower shops, spas, shops, coffee shops, internet cafés and much more require little space and can actually flourish if your property is easy to reach, visible and markets efficiently.

Produce food

Adding a greenhouse and vertical planting units to your property will enable you to grow a lot more food or plants from your small property.  Look for food or plant varieties that are high in demand, will give you a good income and scarce in your area so you can make the biggest possible income from your small piece of land.

Set up a storage warehouse

A lot of home owners, companies and entrepreneurs are frequently in need of a location to store items like furniture, vehicles, home ware and more.  You can construct a large warehouse on your property and charge a monthly storage fee for keeping these items safe and secure on your property.

Start a roller skate rink

This type of business is a blast from the past but can be tremendously productive if you manage it correctly.  You can add a cafeteria, seating arrangements and get a large roller skate area on your property with lots of lighting and music. Families and young friends can have a blast on your property and you can even encourage sports like dancing, fitness workouts and roller skate hockey.

Start a go cart track

Go cart tracks are also a great way to keep youths in your area busy and to generate good income from your property, especially if you can add a food and beverage shop to your property.

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