How to Care for Your Indoor Plants While Traveling

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If you’re a plant lover, you cherish your indoor plants like your own children. That is why it’s so hard to leave your precious plants to strangers while you go off traveling. You can enjoy your travels stress-free with these simple steps so that you are assured your plants are unharmed when you get back:

Prepare before leaving

Care during travel is important but there are some preparations that should be made before leaving to make plant care much easier. Here’s what you should do beforehand:

  • Trim the foliage of your plants before leaving so they need less water.
  • Use mixtures of hydrogen peroxide to exterminate any bugs, gnats, eggs, fungi and other plant predators in your planting soil.
  • Place your plants under natural light sources like windows so they get their sun while you’re gone.
  • Spray your plants with hydrogen peroxide mixtures, and water them before finally departing on your travels.

Get help

Ask any fellow plant lovers, family, friends or neighbors to keep a watchful eye on your plants while you’re gone. Inform them about each plant and its daily needs, and keep in contact with them to make sure your plants are getting the proper care they require.

How to Care for Your Indoor Plants While Traveling

How to Care for Your Indoor Plants While Traveling

Use self-watering systems

Your caretakers can’t be relied upon to be there every time to water your plants during their daily schedules. Set up a self-watering system for your plants that is easy, natural and affordable. You can opt for different techniques like

  • Making a watering bottle
  • Making a string drip system
  • Using a bottle drip system
  • Making mini greenhouses in a bathtub or clear ziplock bag
  • Setting up a water tray

All these systems are easily made using basic materials that are found in your home, requiring little to no assistance to make and set up, and having the ability to work for as many as 7-10 days.

Set up grow light systems

Certain conditions can prevent your plants from getting sunlight, such as poor light sources in your rooms, foggy or cloudy weather conditions, short nights, or plants in greenhouses that cannot be placed under direct sunlight. For these reasons, you should opt for grow lights to give your plants the continuous light supply they need to grow.

Lumi Growth is your go-to blog to evaluate different LED lighting systems available for your plants’ growth and health. The blog provides you the perfect guide to buying different grow lights that work in different conditions for various plants. You can read reviews and guides to get an idea of the right LED system for you. One of the grow lights recommended by LumiGrowth includes the Nova N300, a spectacular piece of technology that offers a versatile rainbow color spectrum with vivid primary colors to give your plants their recommended UV intake. The Nova N300 makes it easier to introduce natural ultraviolet light indoors, which is difficult for most other light systems to do. With 12 different color bands at the optimal absorption angle, you can rest assured with your plants receiving a healthy amount of light indoors come rain or shine.

The Nova N300’s LED lighting system also makes it eco-friendly and has an efficient cooling system, so you don’t have to worry about excessive utility charges while you’re gone. The lighting system also allows the plugging of multiple LED lights to form a daisy chain that helps you light all your plants at once. At an affordable budget of $300, you can set up the perfect lighting system for your plants while you’re away with the Nova N300.

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