How To Choose A Two Person Tent for Your Camping Needs

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Camping is so much fun but what makes it more fun is if you have the right equipment’s such as they right tent. There are many alternatives to a camping tent such as getting a hotel room or a camping hammock, but none will give the effect of a camping tent. There is something about a camping tent that makes the experience totally different. There are many two person tents in the market such as the Coleman sundome 2 person tent, and many companies that concentrate on making two person tents. It is however very important to know what to look out for when looking for a two person tent. Some of the factors to consider include:

How To Choose A Two Person Tent for Your Camping Needs

How To Choose A Two Person Tent for Your Camping Needs


Size of the tent

The size of the tent is very important. Since the right size is relative, you should check out the size of the tent to make sure that it is the right fit for two. When looking at the size of the tent, you should look at its peak height especially if you are the type that likes standing while changing clothes. You should also look at the tent floor length. A floor length of 90 inches is not a bad size. It is good to check the tent doors as different people will need different number of doors depending on the shape and orientation of the tent.

Tent poles

Tent poles are also an important consideration to make as it will determine how easy or hard it will be to pitch a tent. The fewer the number of poles the better as that will mean that it will be easier and faster to do a setup.

Material used

Tents normally come in different materials. The material used is what will determine its comfort as well as durability. There are some materials that are of higher quality than others and some materials that are warmer than others. This will be influenced by where you plan to use the tent, its weather, the weight of the tent in terms of if you are planning to go backpacking with it or not. There are many factors that will come into play. For example if you are planning to do backpacking with the tent as well you would want to go for an ultra-light material. If you are somewhere very cold you would want to go for a heavier material for more warmth. There are also some tents that will come with a rainfly while with some materials there is no need of a rainfly.


There are some tents that will have inbuilt mesh panels which are used in the ceiling, doors and windows of the tents. Checking out the ventilation is very important as there are some areas that have high levels of condensation especially in humid areas. Leaving the door of the tent open may be a solution but may not be a long lasting viable solution. Larger mesh panels may be needed for very humid areas.

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