Importance of Reviews Before Making A Purchase

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Turns out that reviews are very important for any business and to the end purchaser as well. Most of the time, about 90% of online shoppers will read other user reviews before making up their mind on whether to make a purchase or not. As much as some online reviews may be sponsored and not very honest, about 88% of consumers still trust online reviews as they do personal recommendations. This is especially if you are traveling or in a new place and you are wondering where to travel to or what to purchase, other user’s reviews are likely to influence your decision.

With the change in trend, it is highly unlikely that one will visit a business without first reading its reviews. The reviews will help one to k now the kind of service to expect from the business which will help in saving time and money other than going ahead without knowing other users experience. Other users experience will give you a glimpse of what to expect. For example if the business has many negative reviews you are unlikely to seek out their services but instead go for a company that has many positive reviews.

Importance of Reviews Before Making A Purchase

Importance of Reviews Before Making A Purchase


Highly influences the spending amounts

Consumers are likely to spend more on businesses or products with high rated reviews. According to a study, customers are likely to spend 31% more than they would usually spend for great reviews. This is due to the fact that people want to spend where they feel they are getting value for their money. Most people won’t mind spending if they know that they are getting quality.

Creates a sense of trust

This is especially the case for local businesses. Many positive reviews will make consumers to trust the local business more. From a study, 70% of the population are more likely to be influenced to make a purchase from the local business if it has at least a four star rating and above.

Reviews influence a purchase

It is common for shoppers to shop around even if they are not very keen on making a purchase. Reviews are more likely to influence one to make a purchase of something they were not so keen on purchasing. On the flip side, negative reviews will make users to hesitate on making a purchase. Up to 86% of the population will not make a purchase from a business that has many negative reviews.

People trust review sites more

Review sites such as Yelp and Region Vavid Reviews get so much traffic and hence are great influencers. From a study, just one negative review can make a business loose up to 30 customers. On Yelp, there up to 26, 380 number of reviews that are posted every minute on the site. From the users of the site, up to 80% visit the site because they have intentions of making a purchase and find the sire helpful.

Reviews are therefore very important. The more the number of reviews, the more likely they are genuine.

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