Must-Have Things on A Journey to Self Discovery

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The most exciting part of a journey is that you will get to experience new things and see new places. The worst part? Packing. We are left frustrated when it comes to packing. We simply cannot determine what to take with us, and what to leave behind. Even after making a comprehensive checklist, there are always some items we forget to bring along. This can be extremely frustrating.

However, when you are traveling to get some peace of mind, and to get in touch with your inner spirit, there are always some things you need to leave behind. Other things might add even more value to the journey and will aid you discover yourself. Most of us are caught in a mid-life crisis and we tend to want a break from life in general. Backpacking across the Canyon or a road trip across the US might help you figure out where you are meant to be. A few moments of isolation can do a lot to clear your foggy mind.

Must-Have Things on A Journey to Self Discovery

Must-Have Things on A Journey to Self Discovery

Read more to find out some items you need on your journey to self-discovery:

A Journal:

A journal is the best way to keep track of your thoughts. When you write about your experiences in the journal, you will be clearing your thoughts. Maybe, while traveling you are hit with a question that was bothering you but had not realized it, write it down. Better yet, you might have found answers to some questions, jot these down. Writing it down would assist you on the journey as well. Whenever you are in a state of crisis, simply go through the journal and remember your experience. You can always include some general questions that you discover along the way. These questions can be: “What energizes me?” “What strengths do I have?”, “How can I utilize my strengths in a better way?” etcetera.

When you answer such questions, your life will be easier. When you are upset, simply look at what energizes you the most!

Hemp Seed Oil:

It might seem peculiar to carry oil along with you. However, once you hear the plethora of hemp seed oil benefits, you will be packing a bottle of your own. Hemp oil is made out of hemp seeds, which include hemp protein, good fats, fiber as well as omega 3 and omega 6. Adding hemp oil can benefit you in several ways. It can lower your cholesterol, which will make you feel healthier. The omegas actually help in improving your metabolism. You can put it in your hair every week or even use it on your face and nails. The hemp oil improves the moisture retaining properties of the skin, thus adding a soft glow and softness to it. It would eliminate any dryness in the hair as well.

This oil is great for traveling as it can help women reduce the symptoms of PMS while traveling. You do not want to be bothered by pain or bloating. The hemp oil will balance your hormones and will eliminate any bloating or pain. Simply add the oil or request the cook to use it instead at whichever restaurant you dine in while on the road.

Wear Sandals:

Sandals might seem unpractical while traveling, as they can be harder to walk in. However, that can be to your benefit. When you cannot walk fast, you will have to slow down. This will help you breathe in your surroundings. It will teach you to be patient. You will learn the importance of the journey and not the destination. They increase the sensation between the road and your feet as well.

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