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How To Find The Right Laser Cutter in The USA

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If you’re someone that wants a tool that can work well with your creative mind, then a laser cutter will provide you with unlimited opportunities with your artwork or architecture. Getting a decent laser cutter in the US can be a difficult task, especially if you’re budget-oriented, so we’ve listed the main things to focus on when buying one:


You can find a variety of cheap imports, generally from China. However, lasers are complex devices that should not break and can require frequent repairs in the process. Be sure that the brand you get is dependable and provides good support in terms of warranty and customer service.

Bed Size

A laser’s bed size will decide how large a slab of material you can put into the device for engraving or cutting. A larger bed will let you engrave and cut bigger pieces. Also, in case you’re working with something smaller such as laser-cut jewelry, a large bed provided you with the option to cut out several pieces simultaneously.

Some lasers come with a fixed bed while others come with adjustable beds that can be moved up or down. Such moveable beds provide you with the option to engrave materials of various sizes with the cutting depth remaining the same.


The next important factor is the laser’s power. The power of a laser is calculated in Watts. The greater the wattage of your laser, the more powerful it is. A laser’s strength plays an important role in the cutting process. You should know that the thickness of an object for cutting in a late cutter is decided based on the focal point of the laser’s lens rather than the actual power of the machine. So, choosing a more powerful machine won’t actually let you cut thicker objects.

However, a powerful laser provides you with the benefit of cutting faster and more accurately. A weaker machine will require you to slow the down your laser so that you’ll be able to get the ideal cut. It’s better to get the biggest machine possible and make use of a weak laser. A larger bed will let you focus on working on larger designs or work on several pieces simultaneously while cutting and engraving, so you can upgrade to a more powerful laser later on.

A machine that we would definitely recommend is the Boss Laser LS 3655. We think the Boss laser manages to stand out in terms of its quality to price ratio and value. While some would consider going for more top-tier brands like EPILOG or Trotec for a longer tune life, the Boss Laser still comes out the better option in terms of its overall affordability. This laser machine comes with a great set of features that let you cut a wide variety of materials, including wood, rubber, or plastic, as well as engrave any powder-covered metals or even anodized aluminum.

The Boss Laser also makes use of a high-quality design and structure. That’s because the machine’s sheet metal, interface, and in fact the overall construction are great as a whole. The company’s official website also allows you to compare features, products, and prices so that you can get the right machine without having to rely on any third-party distributors. The LS 3655 is definitely one of the larger lasers in Boss Laser’s arsenal. This allows the machine to fit 4-inch thick plywood or plastic sheets easily. It also allows you to work with material in every direction so that any piece isn’t too large.

Hopefully, our guide and laser selection will help you get those creative juices flowing for whatever project you work on next!…

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