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Catering For Travelers? Here Are Some Tips for a Fantastic Bathroom

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Do you have a curio shop?  Perhaps you have a food stall?  Perhaps you have a guest house?  Whatever the case may be, it can be tough to fulfill all the needs of travelers who frequently visit your business.  Some like sweet snacks, others prefer salty foods.  Some want to sit inside and others love to enjoy the outdoors.  Some like bright colors and others love pastels.

People are so different in their tastes but all travelers have one major thing in common.  They dread pit stops.

It isn’t much fun to take off your clothes to empty your bladder in a strange place and if you are a frequent traveler then you likely have quite a few bathroom horror tales to share.  Public bathrooms are often a nightmare!

If you are catering for travelers then you should consider these bathroom tips for a brilliant pit stop that everyone and anyone will love.

Install a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

One of the most challenging parts of bathroom maintenance, when lots of people are constantly moving in and out of your restrooms, is the odors.  Poor ventilation and limited windows often result in restrooms that smell horrid.  In order to overcome this issue, you should consider a bathroom exhaust fan. These fans circulate the air, ventilate these concealed areas, reduce moisture and eliminate bad odors. A bathroom exhaust fan is possibly the best investment you can make for your public restroom.  Read more here to find out more about these brilliant bathroom accessories.

Install Enough Cubicles

No one likes to line up for the toilet and it is always tedious to take that hot seat shortly after a complete stranger.  Plentiful toilet cubicles are a true blessing in any public restroom.

Make Provision for Sanitary Items

There should be plenty of trashcans in both men’s and women’s restrooms and women’s restrooms should have sanitary bins. Waste around your bathroom is any traveler’s worst nightmare and it isn’t much fun for your cleaners to pick up after travelers either.

Laminate and Hang Bathroom Rules

You will be surprised at how much cleaner your bathrooms will stay by simply hanging some bathroom rules.  Everyone reads these rules while they are waiting in line or using the bathroom and rules gives a sense of authority and will help keep your restrooms clean.

Maintain Bathroom Stall Doors

There are few things as annoying as a stall door that won’t stay closed while you are trying to do your business.  Good locks on your bathroom doors are perhaps more important than multiple cubicles or a beautiful bathroom design.

Light Bathrooms Are Always Best

The lighter you can keep your bathroom the better.  Plenty of light makes your bathrooms look a lot cleaner and make these tiny areas look a lot more spacious.  Invest in light colored flooring and bathroom accessories.

At Least One Mirror

Everyone wants to look their best while they travel and a simple bathroom mirror makes it much easier to see whether you still look good.

A great restroom won’t just make pit stops easier for travelers it will also gain you favor with travelers who definitely will make use of your services much more frequently.…

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