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Motorbike Gear You Need to Own

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Here’a something most motorcyclists know all too well— you are probably going to spend more on motorbike gear than your actual motorcycle. While upgrading from bike to bike isn’t uncommon, your gear is going to remain a constant with each new bike, so buying the right gear that suits your comfort and needs which will last you for a lifetime is important.

Motorbike gear list is low-maintenance and high-protection for everyday bike rides. For your safety, comfort and personal style choices, here are motorbike gear essentials you should definitely own:


Biker jackets are very popular among motorcyclists. They help maintain a personal style choice that any person can opt for himself or herself. From different materials, colors, designs, and styles, all within affordable price ranges, you can own winter or summer jackets that not only give you some comfort and style but also help act as wind barriers during your long rides and trips.


Gloves are definitely a biker essential. Grip friction while riding, especially in hot weather, can be extremely uncomfortable for any biker. Not only that, but gloves provide protection in case of any accidents. You can choose from different styles, colors and materials depending on your personal preference and needs.

Shoulder, Knee and Elbow Armor

Nothing is as important during motorbike rides as your safety. While body armor is not the most attractive and popular feature of motorbike gear, it is definitely a must-have. Protective armor for your shoulders, knees, and elbows can come in many decorative designs and styles, including personalized and customized patterns that can maintain a fun design while giving you your protection, all within affordable prices.


The essential part of any biker’s gear is the helmet. This is a necessity, which is actually mandated by the law in most countries across the world. You can’t ride your bike without wearing your helmet. Head injuries are a huge risk in motorbike accidents, so make sure to get the proper helmet that offers protective glass covers, good breathability, comfort and the design of your choice within a feasible budget. Most helmets are easily acquired from any local or online store.


Biker boots are a popular commodity that people love to own. They offer style, protection, and comfort for any biker.

Alpinestars Waterproof Boots are some of the most popular biker boots available on the market. These mid-length boots give bikers comfort during long trips and are a good option if you have everyday commutes. The boots are designed to give an ergonomic fit that improves your performance on the road, as well as more control over your bike. They can resist rainy conditions so you can avoid falling and having your feet drenched. The biker boots are made using technical synthetic materials that give greater durability. The dual Velcro straps ensure a tight and perfect and pull easily for better closure. The boots also feature a waterproof layer for increased protection in wet conditions so you can walk or ride your bike during tough weather without having to worry about falling off your bike. In addition to that, you don’t have to think about finding your way in the dark since the boots’ rear reflections offer great visibility in poor light which is effectively useful during any long night-time bike rides. The boots also incorporate innovative weight-saving technology that toughens the shin plate while feeling light on your feet. The compound sole also gives a unique design that is able to endure the harsh conditions of the road.

You can read a more detailed review of the Alpinestars boots through the link provided above, so you can choose the boots the perfectly suit you.…

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