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Things Us Bikers Should Have Handy at all Times

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Before acquiring anything as your hobby, you should have the expertise of all the equipment that is necessary for your safety and comfort. If you are a biker, you must keep your safety foremost as the rate of accidents has raised by 14 percent in the past decade.

It is a known fact that the cost of biking gear is almost equal to the price of your bike if not higher, but this gear is a life-long investment and stays with you. Therefore, investing that much for a long period is not a problem.

You do not have to buy all the gear at once and spend thousands of dollars rather you can save up and buy the required gear slowly with time.

The must-haves for bikers are:

Shoulder and elbow armor:

Most of the biking jackets include shoulder and elbow armor, nevertheless, the jackets are quite expensive as compared to the armor.

Another thing is that the gear installed in the jackets embrace low quality and is not crash-rated so it is better that you invest in proper cash rated and safety certified shoulder and elbow armor.

Knee Armor:

Similar to shoulder and elbow armor the gear installed in biking pants is not crash rated and safety certified. Therefore, it is better you get a department of transportation and safety certified knee armor.


You might have noticed that once you fall your instincts are to put your hands on the ground first. That is why protecting your hands is imperative. If you fall on the ground while riding a bike, this can cause snapping of wrists and fingers, so it is important to get the best biking gloves that have low friction material on the palms and armor for wrists and fingers.


Riding your bike even if it is a 70cc without protecting your head is the most reckless thing. You should always have a helmet on your head even if there is no law in your state that tells you so. It is the basics of riding a bike.

Before getting a helmet, you should measure your head carefully as if you get a helmet that is either tight or loses; it can cause problems for you later on. Here we have reviewed three of the best helmets present in the market.

  • Arai RX-Q:

This all-rounder helmet is comfortable and can accommodate people who wear glasses as well. It has great ventilation and is durable. High-quality material is used in the production of this helmet. The US Department of transportation also recognizes it. Another plus point of this product is it is equipped with quick release system. If the rider gets into an accident, this helmet can be removed easily without causing more problems and injuries.

This is the best, high-quality mid-range helmet at a price of $600, which is very convenient as it is comparable to helmets made by AGV and Bell.

  • BILT techno:

This helmet by BILT comes under the best Bluetooth helmet. Fixing a Bluetooth headset can be quite uncomfortable. Usually, helmets with this kind of tech equipment are quite expensive, but this one by BILT is one-third the price of it.

BILT techno helmet has speakers, controls, and mike inside of it. Although it does not have other functionalities, it is perfect for the price range. Moreover, it has the safety certificate hence; it is a good bargain.

  • 1Storm Modular:

This helmet comes in a variety of colors. It is approved by the US Department of transportation and has a light thermoplastic alloy shell, dual visors, and a flip face. The helmet is equipped with vents near the top, rear exhausts, and removable padding.

Some of the customers have reviews that the size of helmet is bigger than what it looks in the pictures. That is why make sure you take a look at the measurements. The price of this product is also very reasonable.

If you think, you want to review other helmets in the same price range, check out the reviews on bikers basics website.


Your feet and legs are at a greater risk of damage during an accident. To prevent that go for armored boots that are specifically made for biking. You can get boots in almost all ranges of prices and quality. Go for something that can take rough use and damage.…

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