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Choosing The Right Tent for Your Camping Trip in The USA

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There are many adventure activities that one can engage in while in the USA and one of them is camping. Camping is fun ways to enjoy nature but you need the right tents and camp gear to make it even better. The good thing is that if you are doing camping with a company, the company will provide you with a camping gear most of the times. If you are doing camping solo or with a group of friends however, you will have to get your own camping gear. Since there are many camping tents out there, it may be confusing on what to settle on. Some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for a camping tent include:

Material used

There are different kinds of material that can be used on tents. The kind of material will all depend on individual preference. Some materials are more breathable than others. At the same time there are materials that are warmer and long lasting more than others. Initially cotton canvas is the material that was commonly used. Cotton was warmer, bulkier and much quieter than other types of tents.

Nylon is also used though it is more common with backpacking tents since it is lightweight. Polyester is the most popular tent material in the market since it is durable, lightweight and at the same time reliable. All materials have their pros and cons it will basically depend on your individual needs.

Size of the tent

The size of the camping tent will depend on how many people plan on using the tent. Many people will mean that you will have to look for a big tent and vice versa. It all depends on what you are comfortable with as an individual.

Material of the poles

The poles of a tent can wither be fiberglass or aluminum. Most poles will have an elastic shock cord for connecting the poles together.

Shape of the tent

Most tents will come in four main shapes. It can either be A-frame, the wall, dome or umbrella. The kind of shape of the tent will help in determining its size. All shapes have their pros and cons. The shape will also determine the kind of floor that the tent will have.

Ease of setting it up

There are tents that are easier to set up more than others. There are those that you will only need a few poles to set them up while there are tents that are complex and require a lot of assembling to set it up.

Price of the tent

Tents will attract different price tags based on many factors such as the type of material used and the size. The quality build of the tent will also help in determining the price. It is important to keep in mind that most of the time you will get what you pay for. There are also some brands that are generally more expensive.…

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