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Should Your Cat Go on Vacation With You or Stay at Home?

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Summers are here and you are planning a trip already. But what about the four-legged family member? Should she come along or stay at home? You cannot decide whether she would enjoy the vacation or stress out at a new place. This is a quitea tough decision. You do not know if she could do fine without you. Or, she might as well destroy your trip if you take her along.

If your trip is for less than a week, you can leave her home with a pet sitter. But, if it is longer than that, you better take her along. Follow these tips if you are not satisfied with the idea of leaving her with a pet sitter.

Evaluate the cat’s personality:

Do you have a kitten or a young adult? They both are different in nature. Adult cats are quite adaptable. If your pet is a kitten, you might have to think about taking her along. On the other hand, adults are naturally playful and they can handle a new place really well.

Therefore, judge your cat’s personality. Some pets are socially awkward. They are shy around new places and behave aggressively when stressed. If your cat is any of this, your trip wouldn’t be fun.

Set etiquettes during the trip:

Take care of your cat’s diet. Do not feed them during traveling. Unnecessary food can cause sickness. Feed them when you are finished traveling for the day. Not all cats fine with missing one or two breakfast. See if it is safe for your cat.

Furthermore, make sure she stays hydrated. You can add herbal calming essence to her drink. These essences work well to keep the animal relaxed. Pheromone spray is also one of the options to keep cat calm. Use it at resting places as well as at the destination.

Get your cat acquainted with the new place:

Once you reach the destination, it is time to introduce your cat to a new place. Put the carrier in a small room so that she get herself familiarized. Check the places in the room such as open windows, to avoid potential escape hazards. Offer her favorite goodie to get her out of the carrier and see if she acts calmly. If she acts fine, let her wander around and explore the place. Now both, you and your pet, can enjoy the trip.

Prepare for your journey:

Vacation planning usually starts weeks before the trip. Start preparing your cat as well as you would be carrying her in a carrier. So, get her used to it and get all other necessary accessories for her. The most essential thing you should get for her is a collar. There are chances that she gets lost in the crowd. It would be difficult for her to return tothe new place. Collar in her neck would make it easy for you to find her. Kitty wise can help you pick a collar. Go through the reviews on the top picks and decide the best for your cat.

You would have to keep extra packs of cat food as well. The information on food is also available on this website. You should go for the best kind of food. Low-quality food can make her sick during the journey that can cause you big trouble.

Moreover, toys can keep them entertained during the journey. See the choices for toys in the same place. In addition, you would find other categories that might be of your interest. Get everything that can make this trip enjoyable for your pet.…

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