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How To Maintain A Clear Skin While Travelling

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To have a clear, glowing and blemish-free skin is what almost all of the women strive for throughout their lives, as is evident from the size of global skin care business which is estimated to be worth 180 billion U.S dollars. After investing a good amount of time and money into taking care of our skin, it seems very unreasonable to have it get affected by slight changes in diet, sleep cycle, mental health or routine for example as it happens during traveling.

However, this is not an established fact and you will not end up with pimples, zits, open pores, blackheads, or for that matter any skin related issue, during traveling if you keep the following points in mind:

Keep a Good Cleansing Routine

Skin is the first line of defense for a human body which means whatever pollutant or dust particles are present out there in the environment, the skin will be the first organ to be exposed to its harmful effects. So, if we ignore this important role played by our skin by not maintaining a good cleansing routine, the chance of being predisposed to infections will be a lot greater.

The skin consists of microscopic holes called pores which become clogged when exposed to dust and pollutants, therefore resulting in skin irritation and acne breakouts. A good cleansing routine consists of exfoliation, which when done manually, takes up a lot of time and is difficult to do every day, especially when traveling.

However, there are battery operated products in the market which make this process quite easy by efficiently exfoliating the skin, getting rid of clogged pores and letting the skin breathe. One such product is the Clarisonic face brushes, which come in a variety of models, each with different features to fit your skin requirements. The bristles which make up the Clarisonic brush are super soft on the skin, which means you don’t have to worry even if your skin is extra sensitive and provides you with a deep cleansing experience that is impossible to get even at a professional salon.

These rechargeable skin gurus are something you need to have in our bad during traveling so that you never miss out on your skin cleansing routine no matter how busy or caught up you are. In order to find the best one for yourself, hop onto the Clarisonic brush review article and make a well-informed decision.

Save Your Skin from the Sun

Travelling can take you to places where the sun is a lot more intense, therefore it is of dire importance to carry a sunscreen that you have tested and tried on your skin plus a cap and a pair of shades. The rays of sun activate a darkening pigment in our skin called melanin, which accumulates in response to sunlight resulting in freckles and dark spots, something that must be a nightmare for you if you are a sucker for the clear and vibrant skin.

Don’t Compromise on Diet and Hydration

Travelling is all about going to new places and enjoying special new foods, whether healthy or not, which can sometimes take a toll on your skin because of the excessive accumulation of toxins.

To avoid a situation like this, always make sure to keep a water bottle at hand all the time to keep your water-intake level up to the mark, which not only help your body in flushing out toxins but will also keep the fluid balance intact, given a human body is made up of 60% fluids.

Moreover, including toxin-eliminating foods in your diet such as raw fruits and vegetables, sugar- free smoothies, fresh juices, etc.  can help prevent your skin from painful acne breakouts and blemishes.…

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