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How to Find the Best Tenant When You Rent Out a Room in the USA

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Living expenses are getting more and more costly with each passing year and rising a family have never been cheap.  By renting out a room in your home you can get a good and steady extra income which can mean a lot for your family.  You can use the extra cash for studies, for upgrading your home or for simply enjoying a higher quality life.  It is also incredibly good of you to rent out a room in your home because you can help out a student or an individual who might not have otherwise been able to afford a roof over his or her head.  The only problems are finding someone who is going to be safe around your family and who isn’t going to abuse your good graces.  Here are some terrific tips on finding the best tenants to join in on your family.

Decide on what type of person you are looking for

Different age groups and types of people have different advantages and disadvantages to your home.  A young student can be a terrific friend to your children or a bad influence.  An elderly tenant can be steady but also time consuming.  Adult tenants can be a good nanny for when you are at work but can also be risky.  You should discus all of the benefits with your children and spouse before you decide to place an ad and then look for possible tenants according to these types.

Do proper tenant screening

You don’t have to meet up with each tenant to find out if you can trust them. Vertical Rent is a unique tenant screening company who can do background and credit checks on all the possible tenants for you so you can be sure that the person you are entrusting into your home does not have a criminal record or a bad credit record.  By getting your tenant screening done through Vertical Rent, you can be much more secure and safer when you choose the best possible candidates for your home.  Click here to find out more about all of the benefits and services provided by Vertical Rent.

How to Find the Best Tenant When You Rent Out a Room in the USA

Conduct personal interviews

Meeting up with someone in person is one of the best ways to get a better feel for the person you are going to trust into your family’s inner circles.  Body language, language usage, habits and attitude can give you some terrific clues on whether the person will fit into your family or not and you can also try to spot some signs of bad habits such as sustenance abuse before you let the stranger into your home.

Make the rules clear

You should make the rules of the rental room clear right from the start so you can be sure that your family life won’t be too disturbed when it comes to the friends, party habits, general habits and pets of the tenant.  If the new tenant understands what is expected from him or her right from the start then you can also eliminate a lot of problems and misunderstandings.…

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