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Protect Yourself While Travelling to The US

Lonely Planet - USA

Heading out on your next new adventure can be exciting and thrilling! The aspect of a new countryside or a new city can sometimes overwhelm you. This is often why most travelers end up forgetting some of their essentials. Travellers are the most preferred targets for thieves as well. Whether you are traveling abroad or across the country, make one rookie mistake and you become an easy target for theft, mugging or in a worst-case scenario, kidnapping. When traveling, protection from theft is not the only protection you need. You should prepare for protection from incrimination, getting lost, medical emergencies etcetera.

Read a few ways you can protect yourself while traveling across the US:

Get Traveller’s Insurance:

Traveler’s Insurance is necessary to have when you plan on traveling. You should buy one when you book your airplane tickets. It insures you against any medical emergencies, thefts or even any cancellations. However, the cancellations must be covered by the traveler’s insurance, for example, a death in your immediate family or a sudden illness. There are various insurance plans out there that cover different areas. You need to choose carefully. Plan ahead all your activities and read all details of the plan to ensure you can take full advantage of the plan.

Use Credit Cards:

A common mistake most travelers make while traveling is that they use debit cards instead of credit cards. The problem here is that debit cards are not protected from theft. Anyone who steals your debit card or your debit card number can easily make purchases, as they do not require you to enter a PIN. Credit cards, on the other hand, do require a PIN, thus they are theft protected. If you have to use debit cards use them only at an ATM and not while purchasing. Whenever possible, use a credit card as they are fully insured. Even if someone manages to steal the card, you are not held liable for the money stolen. Set up a daily spending limit on your card to ensure that you are alerted when more than a specific amount is spent to purchase.

Send Out Your Travel Information to Your Loved Ones:

It is imperative that someone knows where you are headed out to. Send out our travel dates, locations, hotel names and room numbers, flight numbers etcetera to a friend or a close one to ensure someone always knows your exact location. This comes in handy in the worst-case scenario like a missing person case or a kidnapping. Your steps can be easily traced and it will be easier for the police to find you.

Legally Protect Yourself:

While the US has national laws imposed, the states are independent to impose their own laws and consequences. This poses a huge problem for travelers. Doing one thing might be legal in your country, while the same thing could have some serious repercussions in another state. Be sure to read out any laws that concern any activity you plan on.

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