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The Importance of Grooming & Dressing for a Job Interview

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The moment that you walk into the room where you’re being interviewed, those interviewing you start judging you based on the way that you look. This is even before they take a look at your qualifications. You could be very highly qualified for a job, but based on the first impression that you gave to the judges, you missed the slot. That is just how important looks are, and that is the reason why in this article, we are going to discuss the importance of grooming and dressing for a job interview.

Interview Dress for Men

For men it is preferred that they arrive the interview in a solid-color suit in wool or a wool blend. It should have a dark color such as navy or dark gray, and it should be clean and pressed. The shirt should preferably be long sleeved, while the tie should be made of silk. Leather lace-up or slip-on shoes with dark, mid-calf trouser socks that don’t show the skin are bound to do the trick. The hair should be well groomed, including the facial hair, while the nails must be clean and trimmed. Don’t go for colognes and after shaves that are too strong, and complete the look with a briefcase or portfolio.

Interview Dress for Women

Dark or neutral colors work best for women, as well as a two-piece suit or tailored pants that aren’t too tight fitting. In the event that it is a skirt, it should cover the thighs when the woman is seated, preferably knee length or longer. The color of the blouse should coordinate with the rest of the clothing items, and shouldn’t show off the cleavage. Wear shoes that are comfortable to wear, whether they are heels or pumps, and avoid dangling earrings and clattering bracelets, as well as perfumes. The interviewer could be allergic. Don’t overdo the makeup since a natural look would work better. Carry a small handbag or a leather briefcase.

General Guidelines

It is important for one to bathe before an interview, and even wear a deodorant. The hair should be worn in a simple manner, and the shoes should be shining. Clothes shouldn’t miss buttons or have stains, and one should avoid drinks or food that could cause foul breath. Avoid chewing gum.

Interview Fashion Mistakes

Avoid shorts, T-shirts and sneakers, as well as crumpled and stained clothes. Mini-skirts should be worn on a date, and not to an interview, while tattoos and piercings should be concealed.

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Grooming is very important for people that are going for interviews, both men and women. It could determine whether you get hired or not, and so it should be done right. The tips above are just guidelines, and the dryer reviewed is one that you could try for your hair.…

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