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Why Fly Fishing in Cozumel Is Better Than Anywhere Else In the USA

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Fly fishing is great fun.  This particular fish species is quite challenging to catch and you do need the right methods, bait and quite a bit of skill to make a success out of this type of fishing expedition. While it is a bit tougher to get a trophy sized trout during a fly-fishing expedition it certainly is much more rewarding.  You need to work a lot harder for your catch and you learn a lot more during this type of expedition but the satisfaction of getting that perfect catch is enough to put you over the moon.  Fly fishing is definitely one heck of an adventure and will provide you with plenty of grand tales to share with friends when you return home from your trip.

The many places to do fly-fishing in the USA

There are quite a few places in America where you can enjoy fly fishing.  Here are the top fly fishing hotspots that are bound to result in quite an adventure.

Florida – This is the best saltwater fly-fishing hotspot in the state.  You can have a go at bonefish, tarpon and more and enjoy the fresh sea air while you are busy catching.

New York – There are quite a few grand spots to enjoy fly-fishing all around New York.  Most of the species aren’t native but you can still catch them there.

Montana – This is a great place to fly-fish since there are plenty of river portions that are amazing for fly fishing.

Other fantastic fly fishing spots include Pennsylvania, Michigan, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, North Carolina and Colorado all of which have some pretty neat fly fishing species and fly fishing spots to try out.

Why Cozumel is far better for fly fishing than any of these USA locations

Yes, you can most certainly have fun while fly fishing in one of these USA fishing locations but none of these fly fishing hotspots come close to fly fishing in Cozumel.  Cozumel is an island off the coast of Mexico in the Caribbean Sea and any holiday trip to this fantastic location is glorious!  This is one of the best places to enjoy a fly fishing expedition in the world for the following main reasons;

More excitement – Fly fishing in Cozumel is extremely exciting.  It is an unknown valley with plenty of breathtaking scenes and lots of adventures to try.

The best guidesCozumel fly fishing guides are the best.  They have many years of experience and are more than willing to share all their secrets.

The perfect setup – If you love an easy going holiday then Cozumel is the best fishing spot.  Charterers are loaded with all of the needed gear and bait which means you don’t have to bring along anything on your journey.

Lots of things to do – Cozumel is one of the world’s top tourist attractions.  Plenty of cruise ships stop here so tourists can enjoy the beach, island and explore many of the wonderful sights like the Mayan ruins, the Beach Park, and adventure parks.

If you are in need of a fantastic and out-of-the-ordinary fly fishing expedition then Cozumel is a definite must for your next big expedition.  This location casts a long and dark shadow over any other fly fishing destination and you are bound to have the time of your life if you choose this island for your next holiday.…

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