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Why You Should Seek Out Green Spaces As You Travel the USA

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Frequent traveling through the USA can be incredibly exciting and educational.  But it can also be very stressful.  When you travel there is always the possibility of getting lost, getting hijacked or getting into an accident to name a few worries.  You also endure a lot of emotional ups and downs as you travel.  There is all the excitement of seeing new things and then there is the sadness and depression that often goes with having to say goodbye to friends, family and the constant battle against homesickness.  If your travels or if working in a foreign destination is getting the better of you then it is time to start seeking out a green space so you can catch your breath for just a short while before moving on again.

What is a green space?

A green space is simply an area that is filled with natural elements like grass, trees, and plants where you can go to relax and reset your mind.  There are plenty of green spaces in cities all over the USA and plenty of city residents constantly flee to these green zones to help them deal with all of the demands of modern day city living.

How you benefit from green spaces

Spending time in a green space can benefit you emotionally and physically.  Before you consider any medications, treatments or psychiatric appointments you should consider a green space because of the following wonderful benefits;

Reduce stress instantly – This is probably the biggest benefit of green spaces.  These green areas enable people to cope with stress much better, clear the mind, boosts logical thinking and helps reduce tension.

Boosts health – Being surrounded by plant life and the color green itself can actually make you healthier.  Green areas can reduce your blood pressure, relieves muscle tension, boosts your attention span and reduces anger and depression.

Boosts learning – Greens and plant life can boost your performance in school or in college by up to 70% and can enhance your performance during examinations.

Reduces road rage – Spending a little bit of time in a green area can give you much better control over road rage issues.

Boosts recovery – Green environments can also boost your body’s ability to heal and recover from injury or illness.

How to create your own green space?

Cannot find a good and safe green space to spend time in?  Well then perhaps it is time to consider creating your own.  Get an artificial indoor grass rug and a few house plants and create a cozy seating area inside or outside of your apartment.  You will get all the health and mental benefits of a real green space and you can take your green space along anywhere you travel.  Here are some tips for choosing an indoor artificial grass rug so your DIY green space will be ultimately luxurious, soft and wonderfully green.  When you have your own green space you can quickly spend a few minutes in your green area each morning or whenever you feel depressed or stressed.…

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