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Choosing A Running Gear In The USA

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Running id one of the favorite sport that has been done by many in order to keep fit. Even though running itself is what is important, what counts more is having the right outfit. The right running gear can help in terms of increasing safety, your comfort and performance. Truth be told, you don’t necessarily need the gadgets that are advertised for runners, you only need comfortable clothing and running shoes. As much as the outfit and shoes are the most basic that you will need for running, there are some essentials that are not necessary but work in terms of enhancing your running. You can get feedback and progress of your training, more comfort and additional protection.

Running clothes

In as much as running in tight Lycra pants looks sexy and all, the truth is you only need light and comfortable clothes that are weather appropriate. It is not a good idea to go for pants that chafe. Basically comfort is key when choosing an outfit for running.

Running shoes

There are shoes that are specifically made for running in order to keep your feet comfortable. It is better to go for those and make sure that they are the right size. You should also go for the highest quality that you can afford.

Running watches

They are very handy when it comes to tracking the time that you are running. Even though it is not very necessary, you should track the duration of your running. Good thing is that watches come in a wide price range from even $20 going up. Good thing with watches is that they can also monitor your pulse rate. Smart watches can even do more and that will add more convenience.

Heart monitors

They are very important especially if you are looking to make progress in your running and advance your resistance levels. Most doctors recommend that the exertion levels are monitored for medical levels. If you want to train at specific rates and want a high performance then a heart monitor is a must especially if you are an advanced athlete. There are some cases where some people over train. A heart monitor in that case can help in holding one back so that they do not over train. This is especially important if one has a heart condition. A heart monitor is however not very essential if you are just starting out.


The UV rays are not good for the eyes and hence you should consider investing into a good pair of sunglasses. In looking for sunglasses, you should remember that cheap is expensive and hence it is worth sacrificing to get a quality pair. You don’t necessarily need a fancy brand, but one that offers 100 percent UV protection. There are sports shades that would work well with running. Contrary to popular belief, you also need sunglasses in winter since the UV rays still penetrate regardless of the season.  In addition to UV rays, sunglasses will also protect you from dust, insects and many other airborne particles.…

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