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Tips To Get You Ready for That Long Bike Journey

Lonely Planet - USA

Biking is one of the best ways to explore the USA.  It is great to feel the wind blowing against your skin and to see glorious vast valleys as you travel those long roads that so few have the courage to take on.  Biking is great for traveling and exploring because you can cut through traffic with ease and you save so much money thanks to the low fuel consumption of most bikes.  With your bike, you can also check out and explore all of those narrow pathways that are so tough to access with a vehicle.

If you are taking on a particularly long road trip then it is always best to prepare properly for your trip.  Bikes are dangerous in general and even more dangerous if your bike isn’t in good condition or if you are not comfortable.  Here are a few quick tips to get you ready for your long and scenic ride.

A good helmet is a must

One of the basics you absolutely need is a good helmet.  Don’t risk your life by investing in a cheap helmet, especially when you have no idea what the healthcare is like in those places you want to explore.  HJC motorcycle helmets are a superb brand that is known for their cozy wear and their superb safety features.  The fact that these helmets are very stylish also makes it a good pick for your long journey.

Get your bike checked out

It is always best to get your bike checked out by a pro before you leave.  If you are great with mechanics then you can always do this yourself and ensure that everything works well and that all oil levels are topped up.

Adopt good riding posture

Good riding posture is essential if you are driving for longer than 2 hours.  Start adopting a good riding posture right now and you will greatly reduce discomfort and back pain when you are taking on the long journey in the USA.

Plan your route

If you don’t particularly like being stuck without gas then it is best to plan your trip ahead.  Calculate when you will need to refuel and plan your trip according to fuel, nourishment and rest needs.  With proper planning you can travel with ease, you won’t get stranded by some roadside and you will have plenty of rest when you need it.  Journey Planner is a great app to consider if you need an easy way to plan your entire trip and all the stops you want to make.

Gear up

The right gear can make a tremendous difference in your riding comfort.  Invest in specialized gear like heated grips, gel seats, brackets, cruise control, tank bags, saddle bags and more so you can enjoy great functionality on the busy road.

Pack light

Space is limited when you are journeying by bike which means you really do need to do your best to pack light. Choose functional outfits if you are sleeping over and invest in compact grooming accessories so you can stay nice and tidy as you go.

The most important thing you need to remember while you are journeying is to have some fun and to take some pictures of all of the remarkable places you visit and things you see.…

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