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Make Money off Hockey Equipment in the USA

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Everyone dreams of making money in this life, and in this article, we are going to look at how one can make money selling hockey equipment in the United States.


  • In order to make a listing on most online platforms, one needs to have a title for their products. Try and make it as accurate and descriptive as possible, including the following information:
  • brand
  • model name/number
  • type of equipment
  • age range: youth/junior/intermediate/senior
  • size: S/M/L/XL/XXL or numbered size; for skates, include the width
  • for sticks/shafts/blades: hand (LH/RH), pattern type and flex rating, where applicable

one can also add color, condition, or special features, and in the event that the item has two names, use both names in the description so as to maximize the search results.


Photos help buyers know exactly what they are buying, and especially if it is a used product. Check out the angles mentioned below:

  • Helmets/Masks: front/top/both sides/inside foam
  • Cages: front/side
  • Shoulder Pads/Chest & Arms (C/As): front/back
  • Pants: front/back/inside
  • Pant Shells: front
  • Jerseys: front/back
  • Jocks: front/back
  • Elbow Pads: side
  • Gloves: inside (palms are vital!)/face (the colorful part)
  • Trappers: open front (vital!)/open back/closed back
  • Blockers: palm (vital!)/face/sidewall
  • Goalie Pads: face, inside, knee areas
  • Shin Pads: front/back
  • Skates: both sides of both skates (be sure blades are visible – take off the guards/covers!)/inside of boots
  • Shafts: one photo should suffice if there are no flaws
  • Blades/Sticks: both sides/top view showing curve and face (open/closed)

If the products have any sorts of defects, be sure to add them to avoid angry buyers. You can also include links to reviews from reputable sources


Be sure to include the sizes of the items where necessary.

Make Money off Hockey Equipment in the USA

Best Hockey Stick Brands

Now we are going to look at some of the best hockey stick brands if you are out to find great field hockey sticks in the market. According to research, Adidas tops the list with 22% of elite players using their brand, and Grays following closely with 16%. Other top sticks were Gryphon, TK, OSAKA, OBO and Ritual. When it comes to gender use, Adidas still tops, although for the female players, Gryphon comes second.

List of top brands

Adidas Field Hockey

The Adidas brand is mostly known for the shoe brands, but it also produces the best hockey sticks in the market, as well as hockey shoes. Adidas are staying up to speed with technology also proudly announcing the what they claim as the world’s first carbon braid stick, designed to give more power and strength to top level carbon sticks for players.

Grays Field Hockey

Started in the 1940’s, Grays has been an innovator in field hockey stick technology since the beginning of the sport, being one of the first field hockey stick brands to produce a fully composite stick. Amongst their latest advancements in technology is the use of the Carbon Nano tube in their sticks. This has increased sticks energy transfer to the ball and strength while maintaining a light weight.

Gryphon Field Hockey Sticks

Gryphon originated primarily as a hockey stick company, one of the reasons that they are a high-quality stick manufacturer worldwide. Gryphon started off in the early 1980’s in Western Australia, and has since been trying to improve on their range of sticks that includes, Tour, Taboo, Chrome, Essentials, Initiation, Indoor and Goalie.

OSAKA Field Hockey

Despite OSAKA being a relatively new brand on the field hockey stick scene, they have made an impact. The European based company have sweated on their stick technology, styling and aim, bringing out a fashionable and functional stick. They also have one the largest clothing and accessory ranges among the field hockey brands.

Ritual Field Hockey

From Australia and despite being relatively new, Ritual hockey sticks have also made a significant impact on the sport.

Atlas Field Hockey

This brand has been around for a while in field hockey and is well respected, with strong roots in Australia and New Zealand. This manufacturing giant has its sticks made in Taiwan and packaged in China it claims the largest stick producer in the world.

Princess Field Hockey

Princess Sports Gear are a Dutch based company that started in 2011 and have become very popular and trusted for their high-performance hockey sticks. Princess are the major sponsor for the Holland national team, but also sponsor other international players.

STX Field Hockey

This is a new brand in the hockey field, although they have been making other sticks. It is an American brand based out of Maryland that began producing lacrosse sticks for players in 1970 and has a been a world leader in lacrosse stick technology since. In recent years STX has stretched their expertise to field hockey and only produce composite sticks. STX field hockey sticks are now very popular around the world, sponsoring many famous international players.

Dita Field Hockey

Dita is one of the oldest field hockey stick brands in the world, producing excellent field hockey sticks since 1891. They began in Pakistan Dita transferring their HQ to the home of hockey, the Netherlands in 1922. Since then the brand has grown to its huge international presence currently.

TK Field Hockey

TK was founded by Thomas Kille (TK), a young German field hockey player, who started off by modifying blank sticks with reinforced materials in his basement then selling them to local players. The first official TK stick was sold in 1985. TK is now a large international field hockey brand constantly at the forefront of stick technology.

OBO Field Hockey

This New Zealand based company only produces field hockey equipment for goal keepers, making them a high-quality specialist. They are …

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