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Things You Should Not Use From Your Hotel Room!

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It is good to skip as many things as you can while packing for the holidays. The lighter the weight of your bags, the lesser is the fatigue. Your hotel room, most probably, would be stocked by everything you might need. However, there is some stuff that you should never forget to pack. A good hotel would provide you everything you need but there are some products you better avoid using or evening touching. You will definitely not want to suffer from any kind of allergy on your way back to home.

We have here a list of things you should have your own on vacation:


The hairdryers in hotel’s bathroom can carry more germs than you can imagine. The prices and looks of the hotel can be deceiving. The only thing that matters is hotel health safety. Excessive germs level can cause the illness like flu, cold, and diarrhea. You can find the dryers for traveling on the market that is comparatively smaller in size. Keep one in your bag if you cannot manage without a hairdryer.

Beauty products:

It would excite you getting complementary beauty products from the hotel. Keep in mind that not every product they offer can suit your skin. The ideas of reaching out to these free creams and gels are just insane if you use organic products. Do not take a chance even if the product says that it contains all natural ingredients. It might contain chemicals that can harm your skin. These free things can result in an additional expense of your skin treatment. Do not just get overwhelmed with those expensive-looking free products.

Hotel shampoo and conditioners:

The bottles of shampoo and conditioner are not too big to carry on a journey. Just forget about the hair products you will be getting in your hotel room. You might have experienced your hair feeling dull and brittle after using all those hair products. Sometimes folks ignore thinking the dullness is due to changing weather. This is not always the weather that is the culprit. The shampoos in hotel rooms are not kept with the hair type in mind and you should always use the products that suit your hair type. Rather than dealing with frizzy hair later, carry your own stuff with you.


You would need a bathrobe to feel warm and comfortable after a relaxing shower. You might have that thought that you won’t need a robe on the vacation but it gets uncomfortable when the bathroom in hotels do not provide enough space to put an entire outfit. Other chances are that hotel provides you the robe. Do not take this chance, you never know how many people have used it before and how it has been washed. To avoid such type of awkwardness, you should always carry your own robe.

If you are considering to buy a new bathrobe, you need to take a few things into account. Although this is not some complex or expensive product that can have you do a research, you still need to get the right thing. Particularly, if you are buying it for the first time. When you hit the market, you would find gender-specific bathrobes. Though there is not much difference in both. The only difference would be the color. However, the sizing system depends on the brand. The robes for men would have a larger size than those for women. The page of Home Spa Select provides all the information and reviews on different brands.…

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