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Explore The Life of The USA

Lonely Planet - USA

The United States of America is an enormous country comprises of more than 50 states, the country of world’s largest economy and trade. The home of exceptional tour destinations, ranging from Main Atlantic Coast cities New York, a global finance, and trade Centre, capital Washington, DC  to the natural beauty of Yellowstone and Alaska, skyscrapers of Manhattan and the sunny beaches of Florida, California.

It is the home of dense population with diverse culture and the folks have a modern lifestyle. The life in big cities is much more chaotic and restless. They prefer going out for eating or shopping on weekends, traveling to neighborhood countries on holidays and a glorious day well spent at Miami beaches is the best idea of a staycation. Individuals love taking part in festivals and cultural meets.

Lifestyle and cultural facts

Due to the enormous amount of immigrant added to this country, the diverse culture of United States of America is prominent; every immigrant from a different part of the world brought their own ethnicity and distinct colors of their heritage to make America most culturally diverse state. About 90 percent individuals speak the English language; other popular languages are Chinese, Spanish, and German.

Most of the population prefers fashionable lifestyle, their dressing sense changes as per social gatherings, status, religion, weather, and festivals. Art and music are extremely popular in the US. Americans created a country, contemporary Rock, Grunge, jazz, Hip-Hop and several more genres of music.

The USA always soars high in Olympics; sport is an essential part of their culture. Baseball and soccer are two major sports. Due to a huge number of immigrants and their vastness of culture and heritage, the cuisine of America is highly influenced by their own flavors and traditional food. Different states of United States have their own cuisines and ways of cooking. Social meals are more about eating than gossiping.

Education and literature

The United States expends more per student on education than any other country. Education attainment is high in America with the ample amount of graduating students and university dropouts. It is the home of most of the world’s top and oldest universities. Harvard, Stanford, Massachusetts, the University of Columbia, and the University of Washington rank as top universities in the entire world.

The American literature and art took great advancement in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Modern art has adopted that lead towards industrial revolution after World War II America emerged as the central hub of art and architecture. Cinema, music, law, arts, engineering studies was introduced for further progression.

Recreational activities and Holiday Destinations

After tiring and hectic routine, weekends and holidays bring the fresh breath of air, folks try their best to make it fruitful and productive. People like to incline in different kinds of activities such as hiking and camping, road trip, trip to the gorgeous and peaceful islands to calm their minds, hunting and fishing, snorkeling and the list go on.

Several people love to travel to other neighboring countries to change their surroundings. America shares boundaries with Canada and Mexico. Mexico is a state comprises mostly of islands and resorts. Playa del Carmen Snorkeling Tours are a most popular attraction for the tourist for its extravagant tropical and exceptional snorkeling adventures. It provides the most secure and easiest experience to visit the most stunning reefs. It covers a gorgeous range of tropical life providing an access to tons of fish, stingrays, turtles and various different kinds of water species. Other than just snorkeling, it is the most majestic and enchanting sightseeing experience. To get to know more about snorkeling, you can access yourself.…

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