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Finding the Right Pair of Snorkeling Fins in the USA

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Even though fins have not been highly regarded, they are more important than you may imagine. They will take your diving and snorkeling experience to the next level by giving you more acceleration and protection. Fins help to increase your speed and acceleration when you are swimming especially in the case of strong currents. It increases protection as you navigate under the waters preventing any possible injuries that you may get from rocks, sharp debris or coral formations. Even though people do snorkeling or dive without a pair of fins, it makes them more tired than they would be with fins.

Finding the Right Pair of Snorkeling Fins in the USA

It is always advisable to buy a pair of fins as opposed to renting for hygienic reasons. Sometimes dirt and bacteria may hide in the fins foot pocket and thus may expose your feet to dirt and bacteria that is hidden. It depends on how well the previous user maintained the fin and there is no guarantee that it was well maintained. When it comes to renting, it may also be hard to find a perfect fit. Renting may also be expensive in the long run and hence it is better to just invest in buying the right pair of fins. Some of the crucial factors to consider in choosing a pair of fins include:


The fins that you choose should be as comfortable as possible and hence they should have a perfect fit. One is very likely to lose their fins on a dive if they don’t fit well. Since you might spend a lot of time in the water, it is better to get a fin that is not too loose or too cramped. It should have a good ergonomic design and be made with the right materials such as a combination of hard plastic and soft materials.

Foot pocket

A foot pocket can either be open foot or closed foot. An open foot is the one that allows you to use a boot and they are used with boots for cold water diving as they provide insulation when you need to go deep and down cold waters to long periods of time. Boots provide protection if you have to wade through rocky areas during a dive. The only problem with an open foot fin is that it is relatively heavier.

A closed foot pocket is way lighter than an open foot and cannot be used with a boot. They are mainly designed to be worn barefoot. It is great for snorkeling since it is mainly meant for warm shallow waters. It provides a good grip making it very comfortable. It however does not provide protection if you are wading through rocky areas hence one may be required to get an extra pair of water shoes.

Fin blades

To find the right fins, one needs to consider the fin blades which can either be paddle or split blades. You need to understand the two well in order to choose what will work well for you.…

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