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Best Places in The USA for Hammock Camping!

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Summer has just started and this is the time you can put your work to rest and leave for new adventures with your hammock. Hammock camping has gained more popularity over past few years. The hammock is an amazing partner whether you use it to sleep at night during camping or to relax while hiking and climbing. There is plenty of beautiful places in the USA where you can go hammock camping and it is impractical to explore all of them. So, you have made a list of some of the best spots for your convenience.

Havasupai Falls, Arizona:

Havasupai is surely on the list of most outstanding place in the U.S. You will fall in love with the blue water of waterfalls and red rocks once you visit this place. Add hiking to this trip to escalate fun as it is 10 miles to reach the campground at this magical place. Do not miss out any bit of the beauty of this place. Do an extra effort to plan beforehand as you need permits and reservation to be in this paradise.

On a Sequoia tree, California:

Beautiful national parks are California’s specialty. Giant sequoia trees up there are worldwide famous. Climbing these trees is a wonderful adventure. These are centuries old and are popular for their strength. Don’t worry if you are thinking you are going to break the branches. However, don’t attempt to climb without proper guidance. Make sure you are not breaking any law. Napping in a hammock, 70 feet above the ground is going to be an unforgettable adventure. You need a permit for this too.

Chopawamsic Backcountry Area, Virginia:

This area, located in the Prince of William Forest, has a breath-taking camping spot. This area is closed from December to February. You can hang your hammock during the hike as well, for napping. Furthermore, there is backcountry area, which is 1500 acre and has 8 designated campsites. Always prefer designated spots to protect yourself from wildlife. You have to mention the spot on the permit application.

By a lake in Fall, Vermont:

Resting in a hammock near a water body is something you would want to do every day. Vermont makes this experience even more magical. This city is full of awe-inspiring lakes where no one can stop you to spend peaceful hours in your hammock by the shores. You can also experience fishing and kayaking in these water bodies. Do forget to bring a camera.

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