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Become a Drummer So You Can Travel the USA

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Being able to travel and explore your beloved country is a privilege that not many people have.  Traveling is expensive and time-consuming and neither of these elements fits in with the average day job.  But there is one way you can travel, earn money and fulfill your dream of seeing the world and that is by becoming a musician.  And no, you don’t have to have that angelic voice to become good enough to travel the world.  All you need is good music skills and a good traveling band and you will have your free ticket to anywhere in the USA.

Why become a drummer?

There are quite a few different musical instruments you can learn.  But if you want proven success you need to choose a musical instrument that just about every band in the world needs.  Drummers are the heartbeat of a band.  The drummer is the guy in the background that is hardly noticed but he set’s the phase for the music and the band cannot function without him.  Every band and even individual singers need a drummer and that is exactly why it is the perfect musical instrument to choose.

Get your electric drum kit here

One of the first obstacles you will have to deal with is deciding between a traditional drum kit and an electric drum kit.  Electrical drum kits are by far the best choice.  They are easier to transport, they provide much better sound and you can practice to your heart’s content without disturbing anyone.  The tabletop drum set is a good place to start if you have never played the drums in your life before.  You can start learning all the basics of drumming on this tiny drum set before you move on to the bigger guns.

A few travel tips for drummers

Traveling from one town to another with a band can be fun but it can also be tedious if you are constantly hauling a lot of stuff along with you.  Here are a few good travel tips from expert drummers; Travel light – Streamline your wardrobe and necessities as much as possible and always travel light.  Learn to cope with less and don’t lug around anything that isn’t critical. Get hard cases for your drums – Your drumming gear isn’t cheap and it can be tough to find the perfect replacement set if yours get damaged on the journey.  Get hard cases and keep your gear safe on the go. Ensure – Ensure expensive drumming gear as well as other valuables like your laptop, camera and more. Learn to be quick to setup – Learn to set up your drum kit quickly and to disassemble your kit just as fast.  You often don’t have much time to prepare and sometimes there really isn’t a moment to spare. Play other drummers gear – It can be good if you can get more experience on different drummer’s gear.  Becoming more flexible means more gigs for you to stand in for drummers which mean more opportunities to travel. With these tips, you can become a good and flexible freelancing drummer, explore the USA and earn as you go.  The journey to learning drumming might be tough but the rewards to this career path are plentiful.…

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