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Ethics of Traveling

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Traveling is a hobby that is being accepted by most folks nowadays mostly because of travel bloggers and influencers but what people don’t understand is that there are some ethics and rules that you need to follow. No travel blogger or influencer ever talks on this topic. Remember that when you are traveling to another country, you are a representative of your country and your homeland. What you do depicts how things work in your own country. Only having a pocket full of money and a luxurious suite is not enough for traveling. You have to follow a certain set of rules. These are:

Don’t litter:

It has been seen that most tourists when they go to underdeveloped countries that are already not very clean, tend to throw litter here and there thinking what difference a single wrapper would make. A few consequences that you action of littering can cause are:

  • You throwing a single wrapper on the ground will depict that all of your countrymen follow the same actions.
  • It gives an overall bad impression of you and your group members.
  • If you decide to throw the wrapper in the dustbin, it might urge the other members of the country to do the same and keep their country clean as well.

Complying with the local rules:

Even though you come from a completely different background, make sure you follow and respect the tradition and rules of the area. For instance, the apparel of most countries differs, where one type of clothing in your country is considered modest, it might be considered unethical in the country you are visiting. Looking out for their traditions and following them will only make your trip pleasant, but it also give you a different experience.


Every society has its own set of taboos which, if addressed, can lead to aggression and bad experiences. Hence, before visiting a certain country, research on its traditions and make yourself understand how they live. This way you will not get any bad experiences and will have a good time. For instance, some individuals in India worship cows, so talking about eating cow meat is certainly not a good topic to talk on in that region.

Thank you gift:

There are various cities around the world where folks have opened hotels or paying guest rooms in their houses. They don’t have a proper mess system and room service, rather you stay there like you are staying at someone’s house. In cases like these, even though you are paying for your room, it is better to leave back a thankyou gift. It should not necessarily be a very expensive gift, a small token of thank you works as well.

For example, cute little colorful cupcakes are a very genuine and pleasant gift. There are small bakeries and cupcakes companies like the sunflour baking company in all cities nowadays. These cupcakes can help you put smiles on faces on many occasions and saying thank you is one of them.

These cupcakes come in all colors and sizes. You can choose the topping you want, the color of topping, the type of sprinkles and the flavor of cupcakes. The toppings come in different varieties as well. There are buttercream toppings, fondant toppings, heavy cream toppings, cream cheese toppings etc. Moreover, you can also choose to get a cute little note written on the cupcake or get the cupcakes made according to the theme. Along with the cupcakes, you can send a handwritten note, card or a small souvenir as well.  For more options and ideas you can visit

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