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How to Pack Your Toiletries When You Travel?

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You have already picked the right clothes that you are going to wear. You have also chosen the luggage that you are going to use for your trip. You have settled all of the things that need to be settled until you realize that you have not packed your toiletry bag just yet.

Your toiletries can be a bit tricky to pack especially when you are bringing mostly liquid items with you. You need to adhere to the airport rules and regulations otherwise you would only be losing a lot of your toiletries.

You may be tempted to pack your handheld facial steamer because you need to make sure that your skin will stay fresh and smooth when you are in a different location but there is a big chance that you cannot pack it in your carry-on bag. You may pack it with the rest of your clothes in your luggage provided that you will secure it properly. The more secure it is, the better.

How are you going to pack the rest of your toiletries? These are just a few tips to remember:

  1. You may need to transfer some of your liquid toiletries in small bottles or packages that will be allowed by airport security. The amount of the items should not go beyond 3.4 ounces. If you would remember this tip, you will be able to breeze through airport security without any issues.
  2. Choose silicone bottles. There are different types of travel bottles that you can choose from when you start looking for the right travel bottles but the best ones are the silicone ones. These are usually leak-proof so you do not need to worry about your shampoo spilling on your clothes. If in case your toiletries all look the same, you may label the bottles so you know what you are getting immediately.
  3. Find toiletries that you can use in multiple ways. For example, there are some shampoos that can also act as your soap. This means that you have less toiletries to pack. The less that you have to bring with you, the more convenient it will be. If you want to use something that is completely natural, you can stick with coconut oil. This can be used for different things.
  4. Find the right compartment wherein you can place all of your toiletries. You need to check if your luggage has the right compartment where your toiletries can be placed safely. The better your compartment can hold your toiletries, the better.
  5. You can use compartments that are meant for other stuff for your toiletries. For example, you may use a contact lens case even if you do not use contact lenses. This case can store your facial cream instead that will be enough for a few days. You can pack some of your cotton, q-tips and more in resalable plastic. This way, all of the items that you need can be in one container.

Do you think that the tips mentioned above will allow you to pack your toiletries with ease? You can also share your own ideas based on what you do when you travel.…

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