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You Don’t Have to Cancel Your Travel Plans to Buy a Home

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If you are planning an international vacation to the United States, the process has likely been in motion for some time. And if the right time to buy a home happens to come up during that window, it may feel as though you have to choose one or the other to pursue. Luckily, that isn’t the case.

What many people don’t realize is that the home buying process can be a lot of hurry up and wait. Parts of it will move with resounding speed and others feel as though they drag on for an eternity. With that fact in mind, it is possible to take a vacation to the United States while you work on buying a home. The trick is in the timing.

Starting the Home Buying Process

A home purchase has multiple parts. Some of those pieces take more time than others. For example, getting approved for a mortgage rarely happens overnight. Even if you have all of the documents needed to go forward, it can take days, if not weeks, to have everything reviewed by the right people.

So, if you are working on your approval while heading out on vacation, you shouldn’t run into notable issues. Just make sure all of your documents have been provided, and keep scanned copies available to email if needed. Then, if a document gets misplaced, you can send another copy without disrupting your other plans. It isn’t uncommon to find mortgage brokers that can be contacted online or via email, including options like

You Don’t Have to Cancel Your Travel Plans to Buy a Home

Touring Properties

In most cases, you will want to tour properties in person. This is one phase that is difficult to complete while you are out of the country. However, just because you have your mortgage approval in place, that doesn’t mean you have to start touring homes that day. If you are going to be gone on vacation for a week, feel free to wait to start looking at houses. You can also take a break from house hunting to go on vacation, and start again when you return.

All you need to do is work with your chosen real estate professional and let them know when you will or won’t be available. They can keep an eye on the market for you and schedule tours when you are ready.

Placing Offers

If you find a suitable home to purchase, you will need to submit an offer. Often, this process is completed in conjunction with your real estate professional. They will create the required forms, and you will sign off on the offer being submitted. In some cases, this can be done online. Whether it is through electronic signature systems or by printing, signing, scanning, and returning the documents, you might not have to be physically available to keep this moving forward.

Before you submit an offer, if you have an upcoming vacation, speak with your real estate professional regarding your available options. They can let you know if you have a way to continue this process even if you can’t hand-sign documents at their office.

Inspections and Appraisals

Most people want to be present for property inspections, as it gives you the opportunity to ask the inspector questions. However, being present isn’t a requirement. You can appoint someone to monitor the process for you, and this may be a service your real estate professional offers. Once everything is complete, you can access the final report for information.

Normally, you will not be present for appraisals. That means being on vacation while this takes place is irrelevant.


Once everything else is arranged, you are simply waiting to close. Your closing date will be scheduled, so you will know in advance where you have to be and when. As long as you will be available that day, you can be gone on vacation before or after that point.

As you can see, there are a lot of times where being on vacation and buying a home can happen simultaneously. So don’t let one activity stop you from doing the other.…

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