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Essentials to Carry Along On A Road Trip across the USA

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A road trip across the USA can be an exciting experience filled with lifetime memories. It gives you the chance to experience the country first hand as you travel from one state to another. Although such an adventure can be filled with thrills and fun, it can easily turn expensive or even be cut short if you haven’t prepared well. For every road trip across the country, there are specific essentials that you must carry along. Here’s the list.

Essentials to Carry Along On A Road Trip across the USA

A good old paper map

You need to know where you’re headed and where exactly you are especially if you’re in a state that you haven’t been to before. GPS systems are great. But GPS usually does everything for you. No thrill there. In addition, GPS is electronic and should yours fail, you might end up getting lost.

A good paper map gives you the thrill of discovering new places along your route. It gives you a clue about what you should expect to find a couple hundred miles in any direction. There’s also the added thrill of arguing over which point on the map you’re at with your trip companions.

A small cooler

You’ll need to keep hydrated while you travel across the USA. A small cooler will come in handy to keep your drinks cool. You should also pack some light snacks and stash them away in the cooler. It will save you money you would have otherwise spent at a diner.

Light and heavy clothing

Some states can be extremely hot during the day and quite cold during the nights. You’ll want to be well prepared to ensure that your body remains comfortable throughout the trip. Have a heavy jacket, a cap and some light t-shirts packed. In addition, carry a pair of sandals along with a pair of closed shoes for the trip. Other essential clothing you’ll need to pack includes at least three pairs of shorts, socks and a swimsuit. However, it’s advisable to travel light and carry only what you’ll need.


Pack essential toiletries like some tissue paper, toothpaste and brush, soap, shampoo and shaving cream. Also, don’t forget to carry some sunscreen and lotion to protect your skin.

Digital camera

You’ll want to capture every exciting moment of your road trip. Have a digital camera packed for this. The good thing about digital cameras is that they’re lightweight and instead of film, store images and video in microSD cards. You’ll need to carry along a couple of SD cards to ensure that you don’t run out of space to store your images and video.

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Do not rely entirely on your credit card during your road trip. Only use it for emergencies. Carry some cash on you to make it easier and cheaper to pay for gas and other stuff you might buy along the way.…

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