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Journeying Through The Virtual World – Follow These Tips

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Travelling can be exhausting and leech a lot of money out of you. You have to arrange for a hotel, tour guides, and rides. However, what if we tell you could get close and personal with your favorite locations while sitting in the comfort of your home. Seems impossible? Well, with the new Virtual Reality tech that has recently blown up in the market, traveling where you’ve never been is possible! You can even go underwater and swim with the fish without any gear! That is truly the magic of technology!

Since 1990, Virtual Reality or VR and its cousins AR – Augmented Reality as well as MR – Mixed Reality have been around. However, it is only recently that they have truly taken over the world. Since they are a relatively new concept, not several people know about them. However, if you need to know more, there are millions of dedicated websites online that can help you learn about this latest technology. One of the leading websites is! The website can guide you about buying the latest VR gear to the best VR software and games. They even delve into AR and MR worlds. You can learn about the amazing applications of this technology.

Is it your first time joining the world of VR? Follow these tips for a smooth journey:

Have a Friend Over:

Joining the virtual world is not dangerous; however, you need to take some necessary precautions. It is best to have a friend over to your place to make sure you do not get hurt. This friend can act as a guide in the real world. They are there to ensure you do not trip over any wires or do not fall over. They ensure you do not break the system itself. VR systems like the Vive or Rift have room-scaling technology so you can actually walk around the room to get a closer look at things. So, these friends can help you avoid walking into walls or out the windows.

They can even help you set up the station and get your headphones on. You can then switch roles and help him out.

Sit Down:

For systems that do not have room sensing technology, it is better to join the world while sitting. VR can mess with your brain’s ability to distinguish your body’s motion. You can easily end up smashing your headset by falling or tripping to the ground.

Clear Space:

However, if you do prefer to stand, it is better to clear out a space of at least 6 feet. This ensures you do not smash anything to bits or fall over. Even if you choose to sit, it is still better to clear a space of at least 3 feet all around you. Your body cannot distinguish between the virtual world and your actions in the real world. You might end up headbutting your lamp in lieu of some enemy.

Take Breaks:

VR can make you feel motion sick and can even give you headaches when you try it out for the first time. Your brain might feel disoriented and you might feel nauseous. However, all of this is normal. It tends to happen when you stay in the virtual world for long periods. It is much better to pace yourself out and play only for 10 to 15 minutes then pass the headset to a friend. Relax and then try it again.

Get a Bluetooth Controller:

When playing games instead of visiting locations, we recommend you find a good control scheme that allows you to control your movements much better. Bluetooth controllers can help you deliberately control all your movements. Furthermore, you do not risk tripping and falling over on wires.…

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