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Healthy Grilling Tips

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Barbecues are popular the world over. People can either opt to get their barbecues from restaurants, or they can opt to grill their own steaks at home. The grilling greatly varies depending on the type of meats that they are grilling, and the way that they prefer the meats grilled. Other things that will also determine the sort of barbecue grilling are the medium with which you’re grilling the meat. It could be gas, charcoal, wood shavings or pellets, amongst many other things. The accompaniments that go with the barbecue, such as salads or fruits, also determine how the barbecue will be. In this article, we are going to discuss some healthy grilling tips that you can use to make your steaks healthier when grilling.

Use herbs in rubs or marinades

When one is looking to cut down on carcinogen formation, one of the best ways is to go for marinades that have thyme, sage, and garlic, among others. They tend to reduce the total HCAs by up to 88 percent, while rosemary reduced them by up to 90 percent.

Marinate meat in alcohol

Another way of reducing carcinogens by up to 40 percent is by marinating beef in red wine for up to six hours before grilling it. beer is also an option that can be used.

Use a meat thermometer and cook meat below 325 degrees F

HCA’s begin forming when the cooking temperature is at 325 degrees Fahrenheit, and meat should therefore be cooked below it.

Include more vegetables

The first advantage of vegetables is the fact that they are rich in fiber and low in calories. Secondly, they don’t have the amino acids that are used in the formation of HCA’s in grilled meat, and yet they are great for grilling. You can grill them over indirect heat and ensure that they don’t overcook.

Flip burgers often

It is important for those that are grilling burgers to flip them every thirty seconds since it reduces E. coli while also producing the lowest level of HCA’s.

Substitute grilled fish for meat

Grilled fish is a good alternative, with some of the heart healthiest options including salmon, trout, and herring, all associated with omega-3s.

Choose leaner cuts of meat

When going for red meat or pork, it is best to go for loin or round cuts. People should avoid prime cuts since they have more fats as compared to choice or select grades.

Wood pellet review

Still on the topic of grilling steaks, we are now going to do a wood pellet review. These are wood pellets that can be used to grill meat. Wood pellets come in a range of quality and species material, and this can be very confusing when purchasing wood pellets. It also depends if you’re using the best wood pellet grills.

CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix Smoking Pellets

A bestseller on amazon and other online retail shops, CookinPellets’ Perfect Mix comes made from a blend of 4 best-quality hardwoods, Hickory, Cherry, Hard Maple, and Apple woods. There are no Oak or Alder materials in the pellet mix.

CookinPellets 40H Hickory Smoking Pellets

Made by the same company, these are also quality pellets that are manufactured out of 100% Hickory wood. Hickory is known for its unique flavors.

Smokehouse Products 9770-020-0000 5-Pound Bag All Natural Apple Flavored Wood Pellets, Bulk

This hardwood pellet is made from 100% from alder woods and produces apple-flavored smoke which enhances the aroma and flavor of the steak. The apple flavor comes with a sweet and mild aroma that goes very well with poultry, beef, and pork when grilling.

Traeger PEL313 Apple Barbecue Pellets, 20-Pound

​This is a hardwood pellet product that works best for longer cooking needs, giving out apple-flavored smoke while ensuring consistent and clean burns with high efficiency.

MoJack Myron Mixon Hickory Wood Grilling/Smoking/BBQ Cooking Pellets

These wood cooking pellets were launched at the same time with the grill kit. The cooking pellets are all-natural and made of hickory, which is well known for its flavor.

Lumber Jack 100 Percent Apple BBQ Grilling Pellets 40 LB Bag

These are high quality wood pellets that are made of 100% Apple tree material, which gives out consistent burns that are quality and contain an authentic apple flavor. ​

American Wood Fibers Bedding Pellets PinePellet Bedding, 40 lbs

These wood pellet product is not meant for cooking, like the other ones that we have reviewed, rather, it is meant for animal bedding. This is because they have a high absorption rate for liquid and odor.

Bear Paw Products Premium Oak-Pecan-Apple Blend Smoker Pellets 1.5 Lbs

These wood pellets are a blend of oak, pecan, and apple wood materials, making them to give out a strong apple aroma that is perfect for grilling and smoking. ​

Pit Boss BBQ Wood Pellets, 40 lb Competition Blend

​These wood pellets consist of a 50% maple, 25% hickory, and 25% cherry blend, giving them a unique flavor of savory, tart, and sweet combination. They go through a high-quality compression process to increase density and lower the included moisture.

1 X BBQ’rs Delight Jack Daniels Wood Pellets 1lb Bag

This wood pellet product comes with the Jack Daniel’s signature flavor and aroma, noting that Jack Daniel’s whiskey has for a long time been used for grilling steaks. This wood pellets aim to achieve the same result.


Healthy grilling is very important and one of the easiest things if you follow some of the tips that we mentioned above. When looking for quality wood pellets for grilling or smoking your recipes, you might want to consider some of the ones …

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