The Journey to Picking the Right Costume for Halloween

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No matter your age, come Halloween you will be at a costume store looking through numerous different costumes to find the best one for yourself. Halloween has become a huge part of the American culture and according to Bloomberg 2 out of 3 adults celebrate it. So it isn’t limited to just kids. Finding the right costume can be a pain but we have tips to make the process much easier for you.

The Journey to Picking the Right Costume for Halloween

Pick something that empowers you

You can use your costume as a source of empowerment. Whether you dress up like a superhero or something else, use this chance to empower yourself rather than objectify. Most women tend to go with costumes that make them look “sexier.” It’s not their fault, the costume industry is as such that their costumes tend to be designed that way. Shop around and find something that empowers you and allows you to be something you normally wouldn’t have the chance to.

Make sure your costume isn’t offensive

Many adults seem to have a problem with this one. Going to a Halloween party in an offensive costume can rub someone in the wrong way and you don’t want to do that. Make sure your costume has no ethnic, cultural, or racial references that may be disrespectful.

Make your own costume

The market for costumes can be quite expensive. Rather than going out and spending close to a hundred dollar on a costume, why not make your own? You can use old clothes you have, tear them apart, put on some make up and look like a zombie or make a new costume altogether if you are great with stitching.

Don’t just go into a random store

You should shop around and look for ideas online. Do your research, know what you want to be before you go shopping. Going into a store and shopping with knowing what you want will confuse you even further. If you look online, you can even find ideas of how you can piece clothes you already have into a costume. This will save you the hassle of going out and buying a costume.

Get something you can easily wear again

Chances are you will be going to more costume parties. Rather than buying something you will wear just once buy a costume you can easily wear again at another costume party. Recycling your costume is a great way to save money and also time.

There are numerous stores online where you can purchase costumes like They make it easy for anyone to shop and purchase the costume they want. Unless you decide to make your own costume. Costume shopping shouldn’t be as complicated as we make it out to be. It’s our chance to be something we normally wouldn’t be so have fun with it.

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